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Email Marketing On Autopilot

Manage All Your Clients In One Place

1. Add Your Clients

Are you a large consulting firm or a freelance marketing guru? Do you have clients who need to email market to their customers? ClientCaster Newsletter Software is your solution. Our easy-to-use dashboard is a simple, streamlined way for you to manage any level of email promotion.

The More the Merrier
Whether you have 5 clients or 5000, ClientCaster is robust enough to manage them all.

Premium Dynamic Template Design

3. Let Customagic Begin 

Its like magic, as soon as you enter in your client’s information, ClientCaster will generate a custom-branded newsletter for you.

Generic Templates, Be Damed!
Email marketing is more effective when tailored to specific audiences. With ClientCastor Newsletter Software, every client you add will have custom-branded newsletters going out to their customers.

1. Company Name & Logo
2. Article Image
3. Newsletter Article
4. Map, Location & Hours
5. Social Links
6. Special Offers & Discounts

User-Friendly Editor For Custom Branding

2. Select Your Article

Ready made, custom-branded, monthly newsletters with highly informative, engaging layout and articles (either uploaded yourself or provided through our Content Library).

Choose your Words
Stage articles for an entire year or upload your own articles as they are being produced. Availability of content varies depending on the industry. Articles are regularly being added.

Top Statistic Tracking For Maximum Results

4. View the Results

Within the ClientCaster Newsletter Software Dashboard, you’ll be able to gauge the efficacy of every client newsletters sent. Key statistics (Open Rate and Click Rate) are automatically tracked and accessible every step of the way.

No More Guessing
Know what content works and what needs improvement-immediately. View your most effective newsletters and replicate those successful actions.